Cordarrelle Patterson Opens Up About His Play Vs. Eagles ‘I’m A Playmaker’

Cordarrelle Patterson is having his first season with the New England Patriots. He joined the team after the trade from the Oakland Raiders.

Patriots fans had the opportunity to see him flashing in the second preseason game. Cordarrelle Patterson caught one touchdown pass and almost scored another.

“I’m a playmaker, man. I make plays. That’s what I do. I’ve been doing it my whole life. Every time I get the ball in my hands, I feel like I need to make a play for my team. So I just need to go out there when the ball’s not in my hands, doing the little things that I need to work on,” Patterson said after the Sunday’s practice.

He caught a short pass from quarterback Tom Brady, and outraced several Eagles defenders. Then he tight-roped down the sideline for something that appeared to be 63-yard score. But, officials ruled he’d stepped out of bounds at the Philadelphia 40, limiting Patterson to a 23-yard pickup.

“I think I scored. I always wear white cleats, and I wore red cleats that week. I need to start wearing white cleats (again). I don’t think they would have seen my foot step out,” Patterson joked.

Although his evening wasn’t brilliant, he sure had a few nice moments. Patterson finished with four catches on seven targets for 51 yards.

“There’s still a lot of stuff I need to work on. Getting in and out of my routes, finishing my routes, blocking better, knowing my assignments. So I feel like each and every week, there’s going to be things you need to work on. It’s never going to be perfect, but you’ve got to go out and just keep competing and just show them you’re worth it,” he said.

Let’s see how will he handle the pressure next time.

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