Exclusive: LeBron Opens Up At ‘The Shop’ About Putting His Family First

Family is important, and that’s exactly what LeBron James will say if you ask him about the most important thing in life.

The king of basketball brought one of the most important decisions in life, and left Cleveland. It wasn’t an easy decision, but LeBron made it thanks to his family. His wife Savannah and his mother were all-in about the moving to Los Angeles, and the king knew that that move would put his basketball career on a whole different level.

LeBron is proud of his kids, his marriage with the gorgeous Savannah, and of course, his mother. She raised him as a single mom, and that’s the most powerful thing in the world.

“I told you last summer what – what really got me back going is, uh – what hels is my kids playing. Watching my boys play ball. Like, last year was the first, like – I had – I really had some time to go watch them play in the summer. Like, really sat down, went to like four, five tournaments, and I’m sitting there, and I’m watching the game, and I feel my hands just start sweating. I feel like my chest starts sweating. And I’m like, ‘What’s this? Thirteen, or ten year olds, out there hooping, why are you feelin’ like this?” King James said of his sons.

“The it went from, like, just sitting there, and then it went from like, to this, like, ‘Let’s go!’ And then it went from me sitting on the bench to me getting in an argument,” LeBron said.

Yes, that’s how you talk of your kids. With pride. You defend and love your kids. That’s the only thing that makes you a good parent, and LeBron James is one of the greatest dads we’ve ever seen. He didn’t have a father figure in his life, and that only made him grow stronger.

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