Former Steelers QB Makes Bombshell Statement On Deflated Footballs

‘Deflategate’ was one of the biggest scandals in the NFL, and it seems like the Steelers have something to say about any deflated footballs.

The National Football League now reviews the under-inflated football players played with in the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles. Who thought that preseason openers would get this… uncomfortable? Guess what Steelers think…

Philadelphia sports reporter Howard Eskin reports on the Steelers game, and we know that this isn’t the first time the league is informed of possible under-deflated balls used by the Steelers team. Remember Jay Glazer’s 2016 report? According to him, the New York Giants complained about the Pittsburgh Steelers’ use of deflated footballs. This happened during the team’s massive win over the Giants. NFL officials didn’t agree on this, and the Giants didn’t file a complaint.

“But that’s why you don’t rely on somebody else testing them. They’re using a different device. Somebody else is testing them. They have to be tested by the officials who use the same device to make sure there’s accuracy in that,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said at the time, referring to the league’s protocol on measurements of air in game balls.

Deflated footballs were also the issue that shocked the nation when the New England Patriots win over the Indianapolis Colts in the 2014 AFC Championship Game. Colts’ players complained about the deflated ball, and there was a year-long investigation. But, the Patriots are successful even without the deflated balls. We all know their game.

Will the NFL review the balls Steelers used during Thursday’s game? “What a bunch of crap. I’ve been a part of the @steelers organization for over 15 years. The equipment crew takes pride in work. There’s NO WAY that this is even remotely close to being true,” former Pittsburgh quarterback tweeted on the issue.

Let’s see if he’s right.

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