Here’s How Rob Gronkowski Recovered During New England Patriots’ 2 Off Days (VIDEO)

The New England Patriots are getting ready for the season, and their training camp is filled with challenges. Rob Gronkowski sure enjoyed the days off they had. Are two days for him to recover?

The Patriots had enough time to catch breath over the weekend, and so did Rob Gronkowski. The training camp was pretty challenging, and players sure deserve some time out of the field.

Do you think that Rob partied for 48 hours? No, he actually kept it low-key over the weekend, and had enough rest. The heat ‘killed’ him.

“Recovered. It’s the only thing to do during camp. Rest the body, do some extra treatments and get ready for the long haul,” Gronk said. Although he spend most of the weekend taking care of himself, Gronkowski had enough time to play video-games.

“I did that actually too for an hour. Played Call of Duty: Black Ops. I still haven’t gotten to the new one. It’s too hard to set up,” the big Gronk said.

We all know that Gronkowski is one of the most dominating tight ends to play the game. “If I’m feeling it, I’m pretty good,” Gronk said of the Call of Duty prowess.

The temperatures went pretty high, and this doesn’t go in favor of the Pats. “It’s definitely tough for sure. But you’ve just got to grind through it. That’s what it’s all about. It’s the dog days of camp. Nice day today for that. Really sweaty. From the first minute you’re out there, I think I was dripping sweat everywhere, my gloves were wet. But you’ve got to grind through it, stick to it, and just keep on going,” Gronk said on the weather conditions.
When asked if he would play against the Redskins on Thursday, Gronk didn’t give a precise answer.

Let’s see what happens in two days.


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