Jeanie Buss Fires Back At Frustrated Fans After LeBron James Backlash

LeBron James made the hottest transfer in the offseason, and got fans talking about his move. But, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss doesn’t agree with them all.

Not everyone in Los Angeles celebrated LeBron’s big deal with the Lakers. Some fans were pretty angry and even frustrated. According to these guys, LeBron doesn’t belong to the Lakers, and Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player of all times. We’re not saying that Kobe was bad, but his fans better pay more attention to their behavior. That’s the point Jeanie Buss was trying to make.

The landing of King James was followed by several scandals, including the vandalism of his murals.

Artists painted gorgeous murals in honor of the new Laker, but the Kobe army was too angry to enjoy them, and decided to cause a chaos. Each of the murals was destroyed, and artists gave up on the repainting process.
Jeanie was disappointed by this behavior, and decided to address the group of people who keep showing disrespect for LeBron.

“There was some unrest and some uneasiness, and I just think those are troublemakers that don’t get it. Los Angeles is going to be very proud of the way that LeBron will represent the Lakers team and they’re going to fall in love with him too,” she said.

Jeanie went on saying that no real Lakers fan would ever make something like this. According to her, none of the vandals can be considered a fan. She’s right.

LeBron is getting ready for his first game in the team, and we’re more than lucky to watch his debut. He will make a change in the team, and the Lakers need that at the moment. Winning a championship is a nice plan, and we’ll see if they’re ready for the challenge. Good luck!

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