Julian Edelman Sends Amazing Message To Pats WRs Before Suspension

Julian Edelman is about to serve suspension, and will play in his final game.

The third preseason game is the time when starters play deep into the game. It’s also the closest thing to the games in the regular season. We’ll sure see a lot of action from Julian Edelman in the game against the Panthers.

Players like Edelman don’t play in the fourth exhibition. Edelman will play against the Panthers, and that will be the last game before his suspension.

Edelman spoke to reporters on Wednesday, and said it will be his final game before the ban.

“I hope to get my conditioning better, just keeping the volume up. I hope I can go out and contribute in other ways. Obviously, I won’t be here for the first four (games). Anything I can do to help the guys that are going to step in and be able to let them know what they need to know and little things, especially guys that are not as experienced. (I can help with) looks and verbiage. I’ve been in the system a little while, so if a guy is having difficulty with a read or an option or this or that, that’s what I’m here for, I guess,” Edelman said.

The veteran still believes that the wide outs on the roster will keep things moving. “We’ve got a lot of guys making a lot of plays, a lot of guys working hard and a lot of guys improving. And honestly, that’s all you can ask for. We’ve got a group in there that’s very capable — a lot of explosion, a lot of quickness, a lot of experience. I’m not a talent evaluator, not a coach, not a GM — you’d have to ask those guys about that — but I’m excited for (the other receivers) for their opportunity, and I’m definitely confident in them,” the suspended wide receiver said.

Well, we’ll see him in a month.

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