Kobe Bryant Weighs In on LeBron James’ Lakers Era (Video)

Being a basketball legend means that you’re able to recognize real power. That’s the case of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

Although Kobe’s fans have been trying to make up a story fueling the rivalry between both stars, Kobe Bryant weighed in on LeBron’s era. Didn’t see this coming, right?

Mario Lopez had a nice talk with the NBA legend. Bryant used the opportunity to promote his latest project “The Punies,” and also shared his opinion about LeBron James and his contract with the Lakers.

“I think they’re building the team smartly, they’re building strong physical players… What I mean by that is they don’t have players that are one-dimensional… ‘Cause you can’t beat [the] Golden State [Warriors] by playing Golden State-style — just not going to happen,” Bryant said of LeBron’s four-year contract.

Bryant stepped back from the basketball scene, and works really hard. He’s already doing a great job in Hollywood, and his latest project is an inspirational podcast for kids.

“The main character is Pete Dawson, who earns the nickname Puny Pete. The other character opposite of him is Bea Bea… My idea was to make them picture books, then every Fourth of July as a family we watch ‘The Sandlot,’ so I am watching ‘The Sandlot’ and I’m like, ‘We need a sports movie like this for kids… then Thanksgiving came and every Thanksgiving we watch ‘The Peanuts Thanksgiving Special’… and I just go, ‘Huh, Puny, Bea Bea, Peanuts, Sandlot, we’re gonna do this, I’m doing this,’” the legend said of The Punies.

Bryant is married with Vanessa, and they have three girls. Natalia is already 15, and the NBA legend seems to be pretty scared of the fact that his girls are growing so fast. Four girls in the house? It must be crazy. And fun.

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