LeBron James Needs Three Rings For L.A. Statue… Says Ex-Laker

LeBron James signed his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, and everyone told their side of the story. But, what made LeBron switch teams, and leave Cleveland for the second time in his NBA career. Some say he’s after a few more rings.

According to ex-L.A. star Devean George, LeBron James needs three rings to get himself a statue among the legends outside Staples Center.

When asked about the thing that could put LeBron in the same team of Shaq, Magic, Kareem and Jerry West, George said it would probably be another ring.

“I think one championship, I think it would be no consideration. Two, probably no consideration. Three, I think they might be like, ‘Should we talk about it?’” George said.

Yes, we know that these are some high standards, but George may be making a good point here. The four players have 14 Lakers rings, and that’s pretty awesome, right? In other words, LeBron better engage himself in the game and win another ring. Well, that’s why he came to Los Angeles after all. Almost every NBA star said that the king of basketball was going after another championship.

The Cleveland Cavaliers couldn’t give LeBron the material he needs to win another ring, and he thought that the Lakers are a much better option. Although Cavs fans thought that he’d stick with the team for another year, LeBron decided to become free agent. He announced his decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers on the first day of his free agency. So, yes, he already had a plan in his head.

LeBron was seen working out with a bunch of great basketball players, and that brings out the following question. Is he trying to build a superteam? Will the Lakers manage to win again? They sure need LeBron’s help to do so, and many stars may join the team just because of the king.

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