LeBron James spotted partying with friends at Miami hot spot

LeBron James is in the center of all events, and this time the king of basketball was caught partying in Miami.

It seems like Miami is the place to be right now, as everyone’s just out there, having fun. What do you think about Kiki on the River craze?

Well, the king gave us a closer look to his out-of-the-court move, and offered us quite a dance. He let loose with his friends at a cabana on the water, and performed while lip-syncing to Marvin Gaye’s ‘I Want You.’
Yes, with the moves and everything. He even pointed to the crowd, as sources confirm.

King James deserves this and much more. He had a pretty stressful offseason, and he’s about to have his debut with the Lakers. LeBron has so much going on his mind, but he will sure handle each of the challenges that come his way.

The party didn’t stop with LeBron’s performance, and he later asked for some old-school tunes, and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was played on his demand. The basketball player partied with Young Jeezy.

It’s interesting to note that LeBron was seen at the same place Michael Jordan stopped by the day before.

Michael Jordan received a warm welcome in Miami, and guests greeted him with a standing ovation. They even chanted the President’s quote, ‘I Like Mike.’

The basketball legend was spotted at Kiki on the River, and enjoyed his favorite tequila. “A random guest sent over a rare $7,000 bottle of Clase Azul Ultra tequila, which he’s known to like,” said sources.

Jordan was accompanied by 12 people, and he really enjoyed his Saturday night. What’s better than tequila and cigars? Jordan even offered some of his Cubans to nearby guests. Classy.

This is a great opportunity for fans to see that LeBron is not a bad guy, and he’s really not trying to take anyone’s position. He’s just doing what he knows best. Basketball.

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