LeBron’s First Trip To Cleveland As a Laker Scheduled

LeBron James left Cleveland for a few good reasons, but that doesn’t mean that he will never go back there. But, this time he will go with the Lakers uniform on him.

Leaving Cleveland was a tough decision, because LeBron spend a huge portion of his NBA career there. Cleveland will always be his home. King James brought the Cavs’ game to another level, and the team won a championship with his help. But, the king of basketball was ready for new challenges, and Los Angeles is the place to be.

This time the king will go back to Cleveland with one goal – to face the Cavaliers for the first time as a Laker. This will be an awkward game, but hey, that’s just a game.

November 21 will be the day of the great game, and the info was confirmed by several league sources.

The Los Angeles Lakers will open the season in Portland on October 18. The team will follow up with the home opener on October 20 in the game against Houston.

This season will be full of awkward moments, and it all started with the unexpected transfers. Top basketball players joined different teams, and LeBron’s departure from Cleveland was probably the hottest topic during the offseason.

We all know that the king isn’t interested in cash or fame. He is all about the game and the awards. Joining the Lakers was a challenge for him, and he’s always ready for a tough challenge.

Fans were thrilled to see him in his new Lakers uniform, and King James enjoyed showing off in his new colors. He fits well in the purple and gold uniform, right?

The Los Angeles Lakers will take part in couple of nationally televised games. They will face the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day in Oakland, California, and we can’t wait for their game on martin Luther King Jr. in Los Angeles.

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