Magic’s Nikola Vucevic Gave Perfect Explanation Why LeBron James is The GOAT

LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players of all times. His decision to leave Cleveland brought joy to the Orlando Magic and pretty much every Eastern Conference team. Magic center Nikola Vucevic had an interview, and the LeBron issue was brought at the table.

“He’s the best in the world. He knows the game very well, he’s smart and he simply does it all. Even his presence on the court makes his teammates play better. Some players have that, the great ones do, and obviously, he’s one of them,” Nikola Vucevic said.

The 27-year-old basketball player has impressive individual numbers, but this never helped his team to score better in each season. In other words, Orlando wasn’t able to find a replacement for Dwight Howard.

The last time playoff appearance Orlando Magic players had was in 2012. Yes, Howard was on the team at the time. Vucevic joined the team in the Howard trade, and opened the era of struggling.

In one of his interviews, Vucevic expressed his deep concern about Orlando’s missing out on the postseason.

“Now we’re kind of stuck. It’s hard to see what we can do to get better. I always felt like before we had so many young pieces. We were going to grow together. We were going to get somewhere. A lot of times that happens: When you have young pieces you’re able to maybe trade one for a couple of good veterans or something. But the moves we made didn’t really work out for us. You look at Vic, Tobias — where they’re at, how they’re playing. It’s just very tough to deal with all that when you think about where we could be and where we’re at,” he said.

Vucevic is probably heading somewhere he can have huge team success. Any guesses?

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