Marcellus Wiley Fires Warning Shot at Jason Whitlock Over Bashing LeBron James

We won’t be seeing Marcellus Wiley on the expanded 90-minute version of Speak For Yourself until September 10. But, this didn’t stop him from establishick a few ground rules with co-host Jason Whitlock.

Marcellus Wiley took to Twitter to encourage Whitlock to enjoy his “uncontested shock jock rants” at the moment, because he won’t tolerate any of his nonsense once the show starts.

“@WhitlockJason should know actions speak louder than words. Enjoy these uncontested shock jock rants before I start because these won’t fly far on my watch,” Wiley wrote.

This came after Whitlock whined about LeBron James’ new show “The Shop.” He spent four minutes talking about the show in which celebrities discuss important issues in a barbershop.

It seems like Whitlock doesn’t really like the fact that the guests who drank red wine from “goblets.” Did he forget that LeBron is sort of a wine connoiseur? He likes wine, and produces the show. That’s pretty much everything we should say about Whitlock’s comments.

He was also upset over the comments of Jon Stewart. According to him the “token white dude was dominating and driving the conversation.”

King James believes that his show is super real. “The show is real, it’s candid and it’s the essence of conversation,” LeBron said in a recent interview.

The debut episode is real, and we noticed some unfiltered dialogue of athletes and entertainers.

LeBron’s fans are already waiting for Wiley to join Speak For Yourself, and fix any issues. Maybe that’s the only way for Whitlock to stop making comments of this king. Those are nothing but a bunch of ridiculous remarks. It would be interesting to see someone confront him over the silly comments he made. Just sit back, relax, and wait until September 10. Do you have enough patience to do so?

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