Photos: Patriots Give Brady Huge Surprise for His Birthday

There was a lot of speculations regarding Tom Brady‘s 41st birthday on Friday. Among the questions we’ve all been wondering about were what will the Patriots prepare for their quarterback and what presents will he get.

Last year, the teammates brought in real-life goats to fete their own GOAT. They even got the math down, bringing in five goats to celebrate each of Brady’s Super Bowl wins.

So with another turn around the sun, the Patriots had to be even more creative for this year’s party.

And New England delivered.

Planning a celebration at training camp, the Patriots reminded Brady how important he is to the team.

There was even a giant No. 12 cake!

Considering Brady’s strict diet, which steers him away from sugar, refined carbohydrates and dairy, he probably won’t have anything more than a small nibble of this cake, which will serve 5,000 fans.

Unless, that is, it was made by New England bakery chain Cupcake Charlie’s, which created spiced avocado and zucchini cupcakes with chili-lime cream cheese frosting for Brady’s birthday last year. It also created a special six-pack of cupcakes that were gluten free, soy free and refined-sugar free.

But the surprise didn’t end with the cake.

The Patriots also made a giant, terrifying Tom Brady out of balloons, as well as some big birthday cards for fans to sign.

While there were no baby goats this time around, one of the cards was in the shape of a goat.

The fans were into it, unsurprisingly:

“He’s had a tremendous career,” Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said of Brady at his Friday morning press conference. “He’s had a spectacular career. He still plays at a tremendous level.”

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