Rob Gronkowski Hilariously Rides A Miniature Toy Horse In A “My Little Pony” Helmet (Video)

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski always finds a way to surprise us, and this time it was his “My Little Pony” helmet.

Does this have to do anything with the NFL’s new helmet rule? Of course not. The tight end just took part in the latest video of The Camera Guys, and wore a “My Little Pony” helmet. Just hilarious.

Rob Gronkowski has a stake in a horse named Gronkowski, naturally. So the three of us horse around,” the tweet read.

So, first, the crew informed Gronk about the racing names, and threw a bunch of names. There was guessing and stuff. Gronk had to guess if any of the names were actually names of real horses or not. Junk in the Trunk and My Little Pony were just some of the names. The crew then informed Gronk about their “little investment,” informing Gronk that they made an investment in a horse named Cinnamon.

So, according to The Camera Guys, the horse is a winner, and just handed Gronk a tiny plastic toy horse.

That’s not all. Gronk was also given a helmet. My Little Pony helmet.

The Patriots tight end accepted to ride the toy horse, and it was probably the most hilarious thing we saw on the Internet today.

We can only imagine your reaction after watching this video. But, hey, it’s Gronk, and we’re all used to his strange ways of having fun.

Gronk is known for his awesome ability to save money and party like a rock star. In one of his recent interviews, he talked about his finances, noting that he still lives on his endorsement money. Yes, this means that his football money are still intact. Good job, Gronk.

The tight end knows how to enjoy his free time and make people laugh, and that’s what makes him a great person.

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