Robert Kraft Prepares Amazing Surprise For Kids While Having A Tour At Gillette Stadium (Video)

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft surprised kids in need. It’s an example for every team owner out there. There are so many kids needing basic stuff.

The Gillette Stadium was open for 200 children invited for a tour. The tour wasn’t the only thing these kids got. Robert Kraft had a nice surprise in his mind. The Patriots Charitable Foundation and Bob’s Discount Furniture worked on a project targeting 200 kids. Each child got a bed at the bed-Zone BASH. The information was first confirmed by Angelique Fiske, lifestyle editor for the New England Patriots.

The children are part of the selection of the Mass Coalition for the Homeless initiative, “A Bed For Every Child.” The sad part comes when you realized that the children never had a bed before. Now their bed is designed with the Patriots logo. The kids were also given pajamas by the Pajama Program. It’s an organization that gives pajamas to kids in need.

So, the kids got their beds and pajamas, and then watched the Despicable Me 3. They were also invited to take part in a host of activities. Yes, the kids enjoyed getting their face painted, and participated in sessions of caricature art and football-themed games.

The beds were later delivered to the kids’ homes by Bob’s Discount Furniture store. The pics say it all.

It’s nice to see all those kids happy and smiling. It was about time that someone organizes such event, and helps those who need a greater support in life.

Kids are vulnerable, and unfortunately, they are often neglected. Can you imagine that some kids don’t even have a home or something to eat? They sell wipes to get food. It’s time to take the matter in our hands, and make sure that every kid in the world is taken care of.

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