Savannah James Opens Up About Family Life And Why She’s Keeping It Private

Savannah James is married to one of the greatest NBA stars at the moment, and being married to King James is quite a challenge. But, she enjoys every bit of it.

Savannah is LeBron James’ high school sweetheart. Their love grew strong as time went by, and they have three gorgeous kids together.

Now the James family moved to Los Angeles, and LeBron is all over the area. He’s pretty good in his business, and Savannah supports every move he makes. But, why is keeping her private life… private?

“I couldn’t be more proud of LeBron. He came back and did exactly what he ultimately deep down inside wanted to accomplish for his city. Being back home is a part of what makes us so happy,” Savannah said of her husband.

“I’m his support system with whatever he needs. If he needs someone to listen to him. If he needs to talk or if he says, ‘Hey babe, I’m tired. Can I take a nap?’ I will say ‘Yeah, baby. Take a nap,’ and keep the kids occupied. It’s a part of the role that I play as the mother of his kids and being his wife. The balance that I create in our house is for his success. He is very busy and I understand that, and the kids are at the age now that they get it. Being there for him is a huge part of his success,” she added.

Well, we know that King James based his decision on his family’s will and needs. We all do the best for our family, right? And Los Angeles is always a nice idea.

The James family is getting used to their life in the new city, but they’re doing just fine. What more can you ask for? A big city, a new ($154 million) contract, new house…

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