Shaq’s Son Could Become Teammate With LeBron’s Son Bronny

The world of basketball was rocked with one great story, and it involves Bronny and Shareef O’Neal.

LeBron James Jr. is developing into a great star, and he will definitely be as successful as his father or even more. King James is proud of Bronny, and he knows that the kid bears too much pressure with just being his son. The same thing happens in the O’Neal family.

Being part of the NBA world means that people will compare you to others, and James Jr. was no exception. He’s been battling with comparisons, and some people are just so full of hate. But, not Shareef O’Neal.

James Jr. is 13, and fans are already speculating over his college. There are so many offers, and one thing stands for sure, Bronny will definitely have a bright future.

Shareef understands that. He’s the son of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. Although he’s older than Bronny, he knows what the kid goes through. Shareef will go to college at UCLA next year, and is super excited about the possibility to play with Bronny.

“Bronny … One kid I can relate to a lot … we both kind of have it the same way , being the son of an NBA legend isn’t easy and to get all of this at a young age is a real challenge to adjust to.. Bronny has it a little bit worse than I do, but the difference between him and I, he can back his up at such a young age .. when I would get hate from people in the crowd at 14/15 years old .. I would choke up and wouldn’t play my game and I’m still getting the hang of it .. it’s all a journey … this kid has it all! I’m looking forward to seeing him kill it for the rest of his career ! Love,” Shareef wrote on his Instagram account.

Shareef also posted a tweet about his potential game with James Jr. “Would’ve been crazy if I got to play on the team with bronny!! Would’ve been a real move,” he tweeted.

Well, good luck, guys!

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