Super Bowl Drama Hovers Over Patriots Training Camp

The Super Bowl is the most important sports event every year. New England Patriots manage to find their way to the Super Bowl, and usually they win it. But, what will happen this year?

NFL players seem to be making the same mistake several years in a row. Remember the runner-up thing? Super Bowl is not a joke.

In 2015, we saw Pete Carroll giving the ball to Russel Wilson instead of Marshawn Lynch. In 2016, Cam Newton didn’t dive on a loose ball, and last year, Dan Quinn and Kyle Shanahan missed a golden chance.

The same thing happens in the Patriots team, this time with a different approach. Head coach Bill Belichick didn’t answer any question of Malcolm Butler’s absence of the Super Bowl.

Many reporters have tried to get a few answers from the head coach, but their efforts ended up down the hill. There’s no chance that Bill Belichick reveals anything related to his decisions.

What do other players think of the Butler issue?

“It’s a thought, but how much can you really think on that? At the end of the day, it was a decision that was made and it was a decision we had to live with. I mean, you want to say, ‘What if?’ But at the end of the day, the world doesn’t work on what-ifs, so you gotta take it for what it is,” safety Duron Harmon said.

Some say Butler knew that he will be left out and didn’t practice enough. Could he make a different? Belichick could’ve added him to the game when the Pats defense was crumbling.

“For me, it’s a brand new season. I’m not a guy that looks into the past, or looks to see what happened, or harp on the past for too long. It’s definitely new motivation, coming up short last year. But that’s everybody, everybody in the league is chasing a goal and this is where it starts. So we gotta come out here, work hard, set a foundation and build it from there,” defensive end Trey Flowers said.

Let’s see what happens this season. Why did Belichick decide to remove Butler from the Super Bowl LII?

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