Tom Brady Addresses About His Blind Side Protector Trent Brown (Video)

The New England Patriots always find a way to amaze us, and their second preseason game was amazing. Brady had an excellent game opener, and then he went on talking about Trent Brown.

The New England Patriots won the game against the Washington Redskins, but many were concerned about the fact that the quarterback didn’t play. His sore back is fine now, and Brady helped the team win over the Eagles. Brady trained with Trent Brown during training camp.

Brown was left tackle during practices, and he was the blindside protector in the game against the Eagles. Trent played a nice game, and delivered better than fans hoped for. Brady’s game was impeccable, too.

“I think we’ve had such great players at that position between Matt Light and then Nate (Solder) for an extended period of time. You wish you could keep all the guys together, but it’s just not the case. Trent has come in and really gained everyone’s trust by how he’s approached that particular spot that he’s in, and I mean, he did a great job tonight. So, he’s working hard to get better. Obviously, that whole unit upfront, we rely so much on them to set the tone in the run game and the pass game, and we’re going to need them to all be at their best. I mean, I love that group and the effort they’re putting in. We’ve just got to all try to keep getting better,” Brady said after the game.

It was an amazing game, and players worked well. It was a nice teamwork, and head coach Bill Belichick is probably proud of his boys. How will the team play in the next game? Let’s wait and see it for ourselves. It will be a nice hot season, and Pats will jump as high as they can.

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