Tom Brady Broke His Silence About Dez Bryant Speculation

The New England Patriots’ receiving unit is smaller now, and Eric Decker was the last player to go. Will Dez Bryant replace him?

Decker joined Malcolm Mitchell, Jordan Matthews and Kenny Britt. He retired, and that decision is official. Julian Edelman will sit out the first month of the regular season, and the Patriots will have to rely on the game of Chris Hogan, Cordarrelle Patterson and Phillip Dorsett. We’ve been hearing a lot about free agent receiver Dez Bryant, and most of the rumors are based on his potential contract with the Patriots.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady went on Kirk and Callahan on Monday, and talked about Bryant and his amazing game.

“I know Dez just a little bit. I think he is obviously a helluva player, but I don’t make those situations for our team and I don’t go in there and tell them who I want. That is not the position I have ever played here. You just respect our team for what they are looking for and our personnel people. My job is to play quarterback and whoever is here, that is who I have to make it work with,” Brady said.

Bryant may be a strong name on the market, but it may be hard for him to affect the game in Foxboro. Brady talked about the problems former receivers faced, and maybe New England’s offense is difficult to grasp receivers.

“I would say receiver is a challenging position in our offense,” he said. “We have a very graduate level type of offense. It takes a lot to learn. It’s not easy. Not easy for rookies. Not easy for veterans. It’s a lot of work. It’s time consuming. If we are going to be effective on offense we have to have a lot of people out there who can process information quickly and make adjustments. Everything changes week-to-week. Everything is a big adjustment,” the quarterback added.

So, will the Patriots sign Dez Bryant?

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