Tom Brady Had Amazing Father-Son Time At Today’s Patriots Practice (VIDEO)

Tom Brady knows how to balance between his football life and the cute little family.

The New England Patriots quarterback is married to the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Tom Brady has two kids with Gisele and one with his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan.

Brady’s eldest son accompanied him for the Tuesday’s training camp practice. They had nice father-son time after the session, and played catch. The quarterback threw the passes, and Jack was doing his job in the kicking game, as he sent it back towards his father.

One of the most touching detail was probably the moment Brady gave Jack a loving hug.

Brady skipped out some bits of the offseason workout program in an effort to spend more time with his loved ones. Yes, he’s well aware of the fact that his kids are growing.

He went on Oprah’s show, and talked about his family life. Brady is doing his best to show his kids that he loves them. “I do have [three] kids that I love, and I don’t want to be a dad that’s not there driving my kids to their games. I think my kids have brought a great perspective in my life, because kids just want the attention. You better be there and be available to them, or else they’re going to look back on their life and go, ‘Dad didn’t really care that much,'” the quarterback said.

This family time also helped Brady to recharge for the 2018 season. “This offseason was very fulfilling for me. Traveling to new countries, spending time with my kids and extended family, reconnecting with friends — it helped me recharge and get emotionally and mentally ready for another football season. I am ready to go. Excited for the new challenge,” Brady said.

He’s an awesome dad, right? Keep up the good job, Brady, your kids are proud of you.

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