Tom Brady Isn’t Going to Play Whole Match Against the Eagles

Everyone’s focused on the activities within the New England Patriots team. Brady and the guys are getting ready for the big game against the Eagles.

The preseason is full of surprises. Fans are looking forward to Week 1. Well, Christmas is coming early in the Pats team. How will the Eagles play?

Sources confirm that Brady will play most of the first half in the matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Tom Brady is expected to play a good portion, if not all, of the first half tonight, per source. Barring some type of last-minute change in plans, as always,” Jeff Howe said.


Starting quarterbacks don’t usually get this much time until week 3 of the preseason. Head coach Bill Belichick made a bold move to give Brady this much time early in the preseason.

Belichick probably has a master revenge plan. Well, the Eagles crushed Pats dreams of taking the big stage. Is Belichick tired of Lane Johnson’s criticism? Will he manage to shut him up?

Maybe Belichick is tired of witnessing Brian Hoyer’s mediocrity. Hoyer and Danny Etling are the only quarterbacks on the depth chart, and it’s more than certain that neither of them is the future after Brady.

The only thing we should focus on is Brady’s physical condition. Will he be fit for the challenge? Tom Brady is ready for the big game, and he will never let Belichick down. Brady is the master of football, and he’s the best quarterback of all times.

The Eagles are confident about their game against the Pats, so it will be super interesting to watch the game. So many challenges, so many surprises. It will be nice to see the quarterback facing the team that destroyed his team’s chances of winning the Super Bowl. Have you made any predictions yet?

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