Tom Brady Makes GOAT Statement For Gronkowski

New England Patriots have made changes of the guard at the wide receiver spot. Rob Gronkowski is one of the most talented players to support Tom Brady’s passing game. And the GOAT?

Rob Gronkowski is one of the best tight ends in the National Football League. When asked about his teammate, quarterback Tom Brady gave quite an excellent remarks. Yes, the GOAT.

“I think everything about him is what you’re looking for in a player, in a teammate. You know, plays well in the biggest moments and he’s everything you look for. So, I’m glad he’s on our team, glad he’s been a teammate for as long as he has. I’ve watched him develop from when he first got here to now and seen a lot of growth and I know he’s trying to do better every day like we all are. I hope he has a great year,” Brady said.

If you think better, Gronk s one of the most powerful receiving weapons in the NFL. 2017 was his best year. Gronk caught 69 passes for 1,084 yards and eight touchdowns. Amazing, right?

Gronk also had a nice play throughout the playoffs, and the Super Bowl LII was his best shot. The tight end caught nine of 15 targets for 116 yards and two scores.

But, Gronk is prone to injuries. He had to do a back surgery, and it affected his 2016 season. Gronk’s only issue is his inability to stay in the game for a consistent basis.

This will be Gronk’s ninth season in the NFL. He already has 474 receptions for 7,179 yards and 76 touchdowns.
Tony Gonzales is also in the discussion as the best tight end of all time has thirteen hundred receptions for the tight end record 15,127 and 111 touchdowns. Impressive. But, he had a consistent basis on the field for 17 seasons.

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