Tom Brady Reacts To Kobe’s Defiant Birthday Pic, And It’s Awesome

Kobe Bryant celebrated his 40th birthday on Thursday, and it was more like a holiday in the sports world. Everyone celebrated. Well, Kobe is one of the greatest basketball stars of all times, and he deserves all the respect in the world. But, that birthday pic went viral.

Kobe is a basketball icon, and nobody will ever forget his huge success in NBA. He turned 40, and that sure is a milestone birthday. What’s better than celebrating it with a nice birthday pic of your great body?

The basketball legend posted a pic on his Instagram account just to show everyone that he’s nothing like the other 40-year-old guys. He has every right to brag about his nice shape. He’s no stereotypical specimen.

Kobe is flexing his bicep, while showing the world that he’s in a great shape. Age is just a number, remember? ‘40 my ass. LoL joking aside thank you everyone for the love and birthday wishes. Let’s try and make the next 10yrs better than the last,” the caption read.


The post triggered an avalanche of reactions, and Tom Brady was among the most prominent followers to react to the pic. The New England Patriots quarterback congratulated Kobe on his milestone birthday, and wished him a warm welcome to the 40s club.

Kobe’s wife Vanessa called her husband a “goob.” She gave Kobe a nice 40th birthday shirt. How amazing.

Well, Kobe is a legend, and he got this well-deserved attention. You don’t turn 40 every day. He looks great, and maybe haters will stop saying stuff about him. You never talk bad things behind someone’s back, and we can proceed with the celebration.

The Patriots quarterback probably reacted to the pic because of the #dadbod hashtag. Yes, this happened right after Brady was mocked for his “dad bod.” Yes, we all saw the pics of his family vacation. Is that what you call a dad bod?

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