Tom Brady Speaks About Handshake Drama With Nick Foles

Nick Foles and Tom Brady got people talking about their handshake for months after the big game.

This time the Patriots quarterback decided to talk about their handshake thing, and you can’t even imagine what really happened.

New England faced the Eagles in their second preseason contest. But, nobody ever forgot the big loss last February. Brady’s handshake moment with Foles was even worse than the loss.

Although the quarterback didn’t shake Foles’ hand, he sure congratulated several members of the Eagles, including Derek Barnett.

Many thought that Brady won’t shake Foles’ hand this time, too.

The Patriots’ 37-20 win over the Eagles is filling headlines across the country, and yes, they hugged this time.
Brady used the press conference after the game to share his opinion on the issue he had with Foles. He knew about the speculations.

“I did hear that. I know that was kind of made up to me cause that was never my intention. I wouldn’t be a bad sport. I have a lot of respect for Nick and Carson [Wentz], all those quarterbacks and that team, the way they played, they’re a great team,” Brady said.

“I know how hard it is to win that last game and, you know, they did it. Congrats to them. But, we’re on to 2018 and we’ve got our goals ahead of us. We’re going to try and go out and put together a great year.”


We all know what Foles said about the February scandal. He didn’t mind about the greeting part.

“I think everyone’s made a big deal out of it. There’s a lot of craziness [after the Super Bowl]. I mean, I’ve always respected Tom. I’ve met Tom several times and it was great to see him. Like I said, I think everyone made [the snub] a bigger deal [than it needed to be] cause at the end of the day he’s a great dude, he’s a heck of a player, one of the greatest of all time,” Foles said.
See? Tom Brady isn’t a bad guy.

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