Tom Brady’s New Contract Details Revealed

We’ve heard pretty much a lot about contract changes in the National Football League, and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is in the center again.

Tom Brady will have to give his best and earn those millions this year. Sources confirm that Tom Brady and the team’s management reached an agreement to restructure his contract this year. This deal will give Brady an extra $5 million.

Yes, he was set to make $15 million originally, but this is a nice addition, right? But, it won’t be too easy for him. The deal involves a bunch of performance-based incentives. Wow. Seems like he’ll have a lot of fun.

We still don’t have much info on the exact specifics, but MMQB’s Albert Breer offers a few details in his report. Fans get the chance to see what Brady will have to do in order to get all the millions.

The quarterback’s incentives are split into five categories that can give him $1 million each. “Finish top 5 in QB rating, top 5 in completion percentage, top 5 in yards per attempt, top 5 in touchdown passes and top 5 in passing yards.”

Here’s the good news. If the team wins Super Bowl LIII, the incentives will grow up to $2 million each. But, the restructure is capped at $5 million. If the quarterback reaches the incentives and helps the team win the Super Bowl, he will only get $5 million.

Tom Brady will also have to pay 70 percent of the offensive snaps in the season. He will also have to try an reach 224 passing attempts.

If you’re asking if Brady is able to do this, the answer is yes. He’s got the power to do this and much more. I mean, we’re talking about quarterback Tom Brady here. That should say enough, right? He did a pretty god job in the last few seasons, and the best is yet to come.

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