Watch: Green Tells LeBron To Say He’s The Best Ever

LeBron James and Draymond Green were playing against each other in the last four NBA Finals. The rivals still have a mutual respect, and yes, their game is still friendly off the court.

We saw Draymond Green on the first episode of HBO’s The Shop. Yes, the series produced by LeBron.

Green expressed his full support for the king of basketball. He told Maverick Carter that LeBron has become great over the last four years. Green even said that LeBron did it by using the same method as Michael Jordan during his career.

Carter asked Green if LeBron can consider himself the best basketball player ever.

“I think you should say that. I think you should believe that. And you should definitely let the world know that. I think Bron over the last four years became LeBron James. And it wasn’t nothing to do with winning and it wasn’t nothing to do with stats. He found himself. People didn’t start to view him as they view him now, until he became that force, that man to say, ‘I’m here.’ I feel like for years, he shied away from saying ‘I’m here’. And when he started to say, ‘F**k y’all, I’m here.’ That’s when he became who he is, and no one would have ever said that until he did it himself,” Green said.

“Motherf**kers f**ked with Mike because Mike was like, ‘I’m Mike with my hoop earring. F**k all y’all, I’m here.’ And until he did that, that’s when he became the figurehead that he is. So many people shy away from that and that’s why they never reach their full potential,” he added.

Well, maybe he’s right. LeBron James wasn’t the person that bragged about his success on the basketball court. But, now he has every right to brag a little. He’s the ultimate basketball player, remember?

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