Watch: J.C. Jackson Rises Up For Amazing Interception

J.C. Jackson is still trying to make the 53-man roster. Yes, that’s the main focus of everyone these days. But, some are trying really, really hard, and nothing works for them.

The New England Patriots are having their finale against the New York Giants. J.C. Jackson tried to rise up and pick off a deep pass by Kyle Lauletta. The timing was great, and the undrafted corner out of Maryland could leap up in the air and haul in the wobbler from the quarterback.

New England couldn’t use the situation, and didn’t capitalize on the turnover. Why? They were forced to punt.

However, this is a great sign that the Patriots have found another udnrafted corner to turn into contributor in the team’s secondary. Jackson’s college career started at Florida, and was then transferred to Maryland.

Jackson played in 24 games in two seasons and had 80 tackles, four interceptions, 13 passes defended and this fumble recovery.

Jackson is sure showing out, and the real story in the secondary in the matchup is Jason McCourty. He is still lined up at safety for the Patriots. If you take into consideration that McCourty is playing in the finale, you could guess that he doesn’t really have a chance of making the opening roster. The Patriots are probably giving him reps at safety to get better depth in their secondary.

Is Jackson the real playmaker?

Head coach Bill Belichick made a few sudden moves in the team’s organization, and we noticed a lot of shifting. Some players went on the field, while others were kept aside. But, Belichick knows his job, and he probably has this grand plan in his head. The Patriots are trying really hard, and it seems like everyone is after their favorite position. How will the game end? Who knows…

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