Watch: Jeremy Hill Survives Late Injury Scare In Patriots-Panthers Preseason Match

The third preseason game didn’t go too well for the New England Patriots. Jeremy Hill had a bad night and didn’t quite use his chance to present his talent. The Patriots coaching staff couldn’t witness Hill’s game on the field.

Jeremy Hill averaged only 2.8 yards per carry, and had to splitting running back duties with Mike Gillislee. It was just the two of them. Hill was injured in the fourth quarter by Carolina Panthers backup Sterling Bailey. The injury put an end to his presence in the game, as Hill didn’t come back on the field. But, even if he came back, nothing would’ve changed the outcome of the matchup.

Luckily, Hill’s injury wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t serious, and he will sure come back on the field for the next game. According to Kevin Duffy of The Boston Herald, Hill wasn’t walking with a limp after the matchup. Hill even told reporters that he was feeling fine.

Some say this is a fortunate break for Hill. His spot in the Patriots’ roster isn’t really guaranteed, and Gillislee outplayed him in the preseason game. Both of them didn’t stood out, but Gillislee is giving Patriots a few good reasons to engage him in the next few games.

Hill still has the lead over Gillislee in terms of his preseason performance, but if he hurts himself badly, the Patriots will lose their interest in him.

The Patriots released Jordan Matthews, Malcolm Mitchell and Kenny Britt due to serious injury, and the same could happen to Hill, too.

But, Hill is safe for the moment, and doesn’t have something to worry about. Reports confirm that he’s feeling great, and maybe he will have a better game next time.

The Patriots loss to the Carolina Panthers, and they better work on their team work.

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