Watch: Max Kellerman Is Drowning In His ‘Tom Brady Cliff’ Argument, And It’s Quite Funny

Max Kellerman just won’t stop talking about Tom Brady, and now it’s all coming back to him.

Remember how he said that Tom Brady is about to fall off a cliff? Wrong move. Max Kellerman better find another way of amusing others, because his assumption is unrealistic and boring.

In July 2016, Kellerman said that the Patriots quarterback is “just about done, that he was going to fall off a cliff.” Brady made a NFL record for TD-to-INT ratio the very same season, and went 11-1 in the regular season, and brought the team to a Super Bowl victory. How about that?

But, Max Kellerman didn’t change his mind. We all remember his “Cliff” tweet. He even claimed that 2017 would be Brady’s last season. The cliff comments kept coming, and Brady responded in the best way possible. He was named the NFL MVP and took the team to another Super Bowl. And yes, those 500-plus yards were brilliant.

“Doesn’t look good right now for me, but no I’m not. Let me give you a metaphor here, an analogy really. Remember the Roadrunner cartoons, guys? Roadrunner on [Looney Tunes]. And the coyote would be tricked into running off the cliff, right? Did he fall right away? No. He thought there was still ground under his feet. He didn’t realize there was no ground there. Then eventually he looked down and realized there was no ground there, and then he fell. Remember he would hold up the sign and stuff like that? And I think that’s where Tom Brady is right now. At this point, I think it is mind over matter. He’s in a great organization, he looks like he’s still got it. But that is the nature of the cliff. These guys — all of them — look like they’ve still got it until they realize, ‘Whoa, there’s no ground under my feet, and Father Time is undefeated.’ I don’t think Tom Brady will be a great quarterback this season, but I have to admit, Stephen A. [Smith], early evidence doesn’t look good for my prediction,” Kellerman said after Brady’s preseason debut.

Stephen A. had to apply a little pressure on him, trying to get him to admit that he’s wrong.

“If he is great in game one, I’ll have been proven wrong. He will have broken the record for longevity. The drop-dead deadline for my prediction is Week 1 this season. But it’s not the preseason!” Kellerman responded.

“If and when Tom Brady is great in Week 1 and disproves, finally, my drop-dead deadline … do you know who’s the only person who’s allowed to be impressed by Tom Brady? It’s me. Because everyone else who doubted it, everyone else who simply assumed that he’d do what’s never been done before, well, you just assumed he’d do this incredible thing. I was the one who, based on history, said no one has ever done that before. So I alone am allowed to celebrate. That’s right,” he said.

Well, let’s see who is right this time.

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