Watch: Cordarrelle Patterson Hauls In 55-Yard Touchdown

New England Patriots offense finally started to talk on the same language as quarterback Tom Brady. The quarterback was concerned about the team’s lack of production. But, Brady and Cordarrelle Patterson met for a 55-yard touchdown.

The receiver was wide open on the long touchdown catch and run due to a legal pick. The 55-yard catch and run is definitely the longest play of the season for the New England Patriots. Cordarrelle Patterson did a good thing. Is this 55-yard touchdown the best thing so far?

Patterson is now the 70th different receiver that Brady has thrown a touchdown to in his professional career. This is also the receiver’s first touchdown grab with the Pats and the third longest of his entire career.

The receiver had a rough patch in his first few weeks as a Patriot. Patterson struggled to cope with the Patriot’s offensive play. When asked about the receiver on Friday, head coach Bill Belichick decided to put the call out for the Patriots’ passing game to improve.

“Well, just in general, we need to improve our passing game. There’s a lot of things we need to improve but that’s really everybody, so we’re all working hard at it. Coaches, quarterbacks, receivers, tight ends, backs, protection, everything. Hopefully we can improve it. CP [Cordarrelle Patterson]’s a big part of that, but so is everybody else. That’s all the way across the board,” Belichick said.

This touchdown grab proves that Patterson and the Patriots offense have taken things seriously, and they’re ready to win this game. Brady and Belichick can finally exhale and hope for a big win. The Patriots are a Super Bowl team, and they should act that way.

Belichick complained over the team’s execution, and said that the Patriots were trying, but their efforts weren’t enough to win a game. Let’s hope that this will change this Sunday.

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