Patriots Legend Not Happy With Portrayal Of HC Bill Belichick In ‘The Dynasty’

“The Dynasty” gave us a glance into the New England Patriots and everything Bill Belichick and Co. accomplished over the years. The docuseries offered us a chance to learn more about the organization. However, fans are not too happy about the way Belichick was painted. Portraying him as a negative character wasn’t really a good decision.

Belichick did more than any other head coach in the league. He was able to build monster defenses and defeat his toughest opponents. Belichick coached the best quarterback in NFL history, leading the Patriots to nine Super Bowl appearances and six titles.

The Dynasty didn’t honor the best of Belichick

Patriots legend Vince Wilfork is convinced that “The Dynasty” didn’t give us the real portrait of the legendary head coach.

“I didn’t like the comments of how it went. I think Bill deserves a lot more credit than what was portrayed in there,” Wilfork said, via Patriots Wire. “So I just stay away from it. I’m going to tell you like I tell everybody else. Bill Belichick is the best head coach that ever coached the game of football. People can sit down and talk about Lombardi and Andy Reid and all of that good stuff, but let me tell you something: Lombardi didn’t have to deal with salary cap. And Bill did that with the salary cap and the way the game changed.

“Andy Reid—I like Andy as a coach—but my thing is, I’m a Bill Belichick guy. He’s won it in New York, and what he’s done in New England, it speaks volumes. I’m going to always respect Bill, and I’m going to always be grateful of Bill Belichick for the career that I had and what he taught me on and off the field. I would tell anybody he’s the greatest coach of all time. Until somebody come and surpass him, that’s what it is.”

Belichick didn’t land a coaching job this season and we can’t tell if he was actually trying to get one.