New Bill Belichick Speculation Could Be Response To ‘The Dynasty’ Documentary

The New England Patriots will enter the new season with a different coaching staff. Jerod Mayo will be the new Patriots head coach . Alex Van Pelt will be the Patriots offensive coordinator in the 2024 NFL season. Belichick set up the foundation of the Patriots dynasty and yes, he enters history as the best head coach who has ever coached a NFL team.

Belichick didn’t land any coaching job in the offseason. Many believed that he won’t have trouble finding a new job in the league. However, we have a few good reasons to believe that Belichick is not even trying to get a new job as a head coach. Fans expect him to land a job in the media world, but it may be too soon to drop a prediction.

Belichick reacts to “The Dynasty”

Andrew Marchand from The Athletic shared some details of Belichick’s future plans. He shared details obtained by sources close to the Patriots. Several officials claim that Belichick will actually write a book. It was more than enough to trigger an avalanche of reactions. Belichick may be writing a book in a response to a documentary released by Apple TV+. “The Dynasty” sparked a huge discussion among NFL fans. Was it actually a shot at Belichick? Let’s not forget that the documentary didn’t really show a positive aspect. Belichick wasn’t painted as a positive figure in New England.

“The nature of the book is not yet fully known,” Marchand wrote. “In light of how he was represented in Apple TV’s recent documentary, his side of his legendary nearly quarter-century run would be of great interest. However, Belichick may just write about his views on leadership or a topic in that genre.”

Belichick has great plans for his post-Patriots career. He is the best head coach in NFL history and his book won’t really be a disrespectful jab at those who did him wrong.