Julian Edelman Calls Out Wes Welker For Bill Belichick Criticism In Patriots Doc

Julian Edelman, Matthew Slater, and many more stood by head coach Bill Belichick and criticized Wes Welker for the comments he made. Belichick is the best head coach in league history and Edelman knows it well. He was part of the Patriots for over a decade and had an opportunity to watch Belichick do wonders at the sideline.

Edelman went after Welker, suggesting that he is actually making up stories about the former Patriots head coach. According to Welker, Belichick treated Aaron Hernandez in a special way. Edelman wasn’t having any of this. He insists that Welker actually “hates Bill,” suggesting that his head coach didn’t do anything like that.

“The Dynasty: New England Patriots” didn’t take a kind approach towards about Belichick’s coaching. They painted him as a harsh head coach.

“I honestly think if you’re in your 30s and you’ve played football, I don’t think you’ve ever liked your football coach. You loved him. But you didn’t like your football coach,” Edelman said. “Just like I didn’t like my parents when they made me do things that they knew was gonna make me a better person. I didn’t like doing it, we didn’t like doing it, work’s not easy, doing the little [expletive] for preparation, doing walkthroughs for walkthroughs for walkthroughs, I hated it.”

Edelman, Slater agree on the Belichick topic, deny the comments Welker made

Slater did admit that the Patriots didn’t always like Belichick’s way of doing things. However, he said that players “always loved and respected him.”

“There was no question about that,” Slater said. “We always knew that he was pushing us to be the best version of ourselves, like our parents would.”

Belichick had his way of doing things and players had to get along. There were no days off and the head coach wanted his team to win. Belichick built a dynasty and players had to accept the challenge.

“It’s tough because I feel like he’s being portrayed in a certain light. And we’re painting a picture, but we’re only showing people part of the picture. With coach, it’s very complex,” Slater added. “And there are things that were tough, and I’m sure we all feel like, ‘Hey, maybe we wish we had done things this way.’ But let’s make sure none of us forget the fact that the dynasty is not even being talked about without Bill Belichick. And the things that he did were with intentionality and purpose, and I think he got the best out of all of us.”