Bill Belichick Details Clutch Punt In Last Seconds

The New England Patriots did a great job in the season opener against the Houston Texans. However, head coach Bill Belichick was amazed with the clutch punt in the closing seconds.

Belichick couldn’t hide his excitement for the clutch punt, and he knew that the guys could pull out something like that.

The Patriots were leading by seven and had 50 more seconds to play in the game. Punter Ryan Allen booted the ball to the end zone, and Jonathan Jones managed to race over and down the football at the one. The Texans couldn’t stop the play as they were physically unable to race 99 yards and tie the game. The Patriots won.

According to Belichick, the punt was of utmost importance for the game.

“Well, it made a big difference in this game because they were out of timeouts and that added what would’ve been touchback yardage, so another 19 yards to the drive. It was a huge play. It ran about eight or nine seconds off of the clock. In the end, I think what they were hoping for, what I would be hoping for offensively is that you can get close enough offensively to throw the ball into the end zone and hope to make a play. The ball was far enough away from the end zone that Watson couldn’t really get it there,” the head coach said.

“Had that ball gone into the end zone and they had another 19 yards, I don’t know, maybe it could’ve gotten to the end zone. It was a big play. It was a great kick. It was a great job by Jonathan. Ryan’s done a real good job for us putting the ball down tight for us.”

Ryan was pretty humble for his success, and he was thrilled to see his team win. No bragging, no showing off…

“Going out there and working efficiently and executing at a higher rate, I think that feels better than having it hit and bounce on the [1-yard line] just with just enough time to have John Jones run down there and down it. That’s great and it’s nice, but just being able to feel like we were in control of that was a good thing at the end of the day,” he said.

Keep up the good job, guys!

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