Damien Woody Sends Bold Warning To Jalen Ramsey Ahead Of Patriots-Jaguars Game

The New England Patriots are super focused when it comes to playing their most challenging games, but they do catch up on the outside noise. Yes, Jalen Ramsey sure knows how to stir the pots. However, former offensive lineman Damien Woody has a nice warning for the Jaguar.

The whole thing started when Jalen said that Gronk isn’t as good as people think he is. The Patriots tight end didn’t quite react to his moments, and later said that Jalen’s words are nothing but a motivation for him. The former Patriots player Damien Woody went on “Get Up!” on ESPN to explain how head coach Bill Belichick uses the verbal jabs to fuel the game of his guys.

Woody played for the New England Patriots four seasons, and knows pretty much a lot about Belichick’s receptiveness to trash talking. Oh, and he didn’t even miss the opportunity to warn Ramsey.

The former Patriots wasn’t really trying to say that Ramsey is a bad player, especially if you take into consideration that he’s already one of the greatest quarterbacks in the league. Ramsey is playing his third season, and he has made a huge success. But, he forgot one small detail. The Patriots are all about winning, and Bill Belichick won’t let Ramsey’s jabs to discourage his guys.

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are the perfect duo on the field, and they have a great chemistry. Let’s not forget the fact that Ramsey’s comments will only boost Gronk’s game, and he may soon regret all the words that came out of his mouth.

Woody is right about everything he said, and the Patriots sure are “a whole different animal.” Let’s see how will things work on Sunday. Everything is possible, and the Jaguars will probably strike badly. How will Brady and Gronk handle the pressure?

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