Ex-New England Patriot Deion Branch Has Amazing Advice for Tom Brady’s Newest Receivers

The New England Patriots will open the 2018 season with the matchup aainst Houston on Sunday. Julian Edelman will watch the game on TV. Brandin Cooks and Danny Amendola will sit up with the Los Angeles Rams and Miami Dolphins. Quarterback Tom Brady will have to find a way to connect with players who are still trying to build a rapport with him. Deion Branch?

Deion Branch knows a lot about Brady’s game. He’s been part of the Patriots family for seven seasons, and he’s Brady’s favorite target. Rob Gronkowski, Randy moss and Wes Welker are the only players with more passes than Branch. Now he has an advice for the new pass catchers.

“Be the first guy in the building. The last guy out. Get extra time in with Tom. Being in the NFL shouldn’t be the end result. It should always be about being the best you can possibly be to help your team with a championship. Whatever it takes. (Tom) carries himself that way. I know that’s what he expected that from the rest of the guys as well,” Branch said.

In other words, Brady’s respect is only earned when you match his intensity and dedication.

“In practice and in meetings and the conversations we had in the past and still have, it’s about competing. You really can’t gauge, just looking at the film, how competitive he is. You can only really feel that if you’re around him on a regular basis in the huddle or the meeting room. You have to match that competitiveness. That’s just part of being in New England. That’s what it takes to win all of those rings. Every guy on that team is very competitive. Every guy brings their A-game in the game,” he added.

Well, maybe the new players will listen to his advice.

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