Ex-NFL Executive Releases Case For Patriots As ‘America’s Team’

Gil Brandt was connected with the Dallas Cowboys long before they were America’s Team, and he was with the team when they earned their moniker. This title came really accidentally, but the team was winning and had an iconic nature of their star helmet. Other teams have tried to claim the title for themselves, and this ex-NFL executive decided to offer the possible solutions.

Ex-NFL executive Gil Brandt believes that the Green Bay Packers can sure claim this title. “Other than Canton, Ohio, there is no city more closely associated with professional football than Titletown,” he wrote. The Packers are one of the country’s most beloved teams, and their fan base goes beyond Wisconsin. Brandt thinks that this has something to do with the fact that it is the only publicly owned team in the league.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are also on Brandt’s list. They are the team to most often play abroad, and they do represent the US most consistently. Shad Khan is a clear example of the American Dream that is evident throughout the sport.

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl with a backup quarterback in Nick Foles. Fans are ‘dying’ to witness such win.

The New England Patriots have a winning standard, and they have no equal in that aspect. The Patriots represent the NFL’s true greatness story.

The Los Angeles Rams have a rather ambitious roster-building talent, and it brings a nice Hollywood flare to the league.

Brandt missed a few other teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers. They are the only team with six Super Bowl championships. The New York Giants play in the nation’s biggest city, and they took the Patriots down twice in the Super Bowl. The Washington Redskins play in the capital. Should we add more?

What’s your opinion of this list?

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