Kobe Bryant Congratulates Jeanie Buss After Front Office Overhaul and LeBron Contract

Jeanie Buss relieved her brother Jim Buss of his role as general manager midway through the 2016-17 season. It’s been a year now, and Jeanie is enjoying her huge success. Yes, LeBron’s deal.

Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka helped Jeanie Buss to get LeBron James. He was the biggest fish in free agency, remember? Everyone congratulated Jeanie on her huge success, including Kobe Bryant.

The NBA legend went on The Rich Eisen Show, and confirmed he sent Janie a message the day after James inked his deal with the Lakers.

“I had Jeanie Buss on my show last week, she said that you sent her a text when LeBron came to the Lakers of her as the Mother of Dragons, you sent her a Khaleesi photograph?” Rich Eisen asked.

“I did, I did. I sent her a gif of Khaleesi riding in on thousand ships behind her with Tyrion next to her and I said ‘This is what you are.’ When I spoke to her about making a decision (to let go of Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak) I told her ‘At some point Jeanie, you have to become Khaleesi. You got to be the Mother of Dragons. You’ve got to claim what is rightfully yours and go for it.’ So I felt like that was appropriate to send her that gif (when LeBron signed),” Kobe responded.

We all know that Khaleesi killed her brother on her quest for the throne. Of course, Jeanie didn’t kill her brother, but her bold move sort of resembles the one made by Khaleesi.

The good news is the fact that Jeanie isn’t done playing. She won’t just settle with getting a few big names in her team. “We haven’t done anything yet,” she said in one of her interviews. Can’t wait to see her take more action.

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