LeBron James Gets Daniel Caesar To Serenade Savannah For Wedding Anniversary (Video)

LeBron James is madly in love with his wife Savannah, and this time he asked songwriter Daniel Caesar to serenade her.

LeBron and Savannah have been together since forever. She’s his high school sweetheart, and they have three cute kids together. And, yes, the king of basketball sure knows how to surprise the love of his life. Daniel Caesar performed for Savannah!

LeBron is not into common surprises. He won’t just settle for a serenade and a bunch of flowers. The king knows that his queen deserves the best in the world. Celebrating the wedding anniversary is a big thing, and LeBron decided to turn it into the best day ever. He recruited Caesar to serenade Savannah, surprising her with a private performance of his song, “Best Part.” Yes, Caesar performed in the home of the James family.

Can you imagine having Caesar singing in your living room? It was probably the best surprise for Savannah. I mean, LeBron knows her really well, and he definitely knew that she’d fall for this one.

LeBron and Savannah have been married for 5 years, but they are together since high school. We haven’t seen them saying bad words for each other, and many would agree that they’re the perfect couple. Yes, despite all the rumors you’ve read about.

LeBron and Savannah do their best to raise their kids in great people. Bronny follows his father’s footsteps, and Bryce Maximus will do the same thing. Zhuri Nova is stealing our hearts every time we see her.

This may be the perfect example of how to treat your loved ones. Savannah deserves the best in this world, as she’s been really supportive throughout his career. Savannah helped LeBron to make his decision this summer. Her husband always says that she’s responsible for his great success.

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