New England Patriots Made Week 1 Decision On National Anthem

The New England Patriots made a huge decision regarding the National Anthem, and fans sort of expected that.

No Patriot took a knee during the performance of The Star-Spangled Banner, and shut down every speculation regarding the kneeling during the national anthem.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was the first to take a knee, opening a brand new tradition. Can the kneeling be considered tradition? Of course not. That’s why the Patriots decided to honor the national anthem and the flag. The team wasn’t interested in all the nonsense that gave us a terrible headache. No more disrespect.

The Patriots didn’t kneel during the preseason, and they promised to honor the anthem during the regular season, too. Yes, haters called them ‘liars.’ The good news is that the Patriots kept their promise.

The New England Patriots were one of the quietest teams last season. The team joined the rest of the kneelers in Week 3 after President Donald Trump made his comments on the protests. They weren’t organized as a team, and just a few players that decided to take a knee. The kneelers were booed by fans, but we all noticed that the majority actually respected the anthem. The number of protesters came down to zero shortly after that. We didn’t really think that the Pats would protest this year, and so it happened. No protests, no kneeling, no frustration.

It seems like most players recognized the tragedy behind the kneeling tradition. The flag and the anthem have nothing to do with the social issues that bothered last year’s kneelers. Kaepernick made a wrong move, and his professional football career is over. Now he’s Nike’s 30th face of the Just Do It campaign. It’s just business, and maybe Kaepernick did it on purpose. The kneeling was definitely the worst incident in the entire NFL history.

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