NFL Experts Made Their Predictions For Sunday’s Patriots-Jaguars Game

The Patriots-Jaguars game is the hottest topic these days, and NFL experts have already given their predictions on the final score.

The Patriots owe the Jags a tiny revenge for not being able to pull things off in Foxboro. Jalen Ramsey’s comments on Rob Gronkowski stirred things a little bit, and Tom Brady believes the Jag has nothing on him. In other words, it will be interesting to watch the big Patriots-Jaguars game. Who will win?

If you ask Greg Cote of the Miami Herald, he’d say Patriots 23, Jaguars 20. Patriots 23, Jaguars 20. “Tom Brady vs. Jalen Ramsey edges Vikes-Pack for the coveted GOTW title. Brady’s veteran wile versus one of the NFL’s elite defenses should have a playoff feel to it. In fact Jacksonville led into the fourth quarter of last season’s AFC Championship Game before Brady prevailed, 24-20. So you know Jags fans will be howling for payback. Result could swing on availability of top running backs Leonard Fournette (hamstring) of Jags and Rex Burkhead (concussion) of Pats, but the home team would miss Fournette more. This one is as close to a tossup game as any Week 2 offering, but trusting Brady is seldom a reach,” Cote explained.

CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco goes with the Jaguars. “This is the best game of the week, a rematch of the AFC Championship Game. The Patriots won that game, but they won’t win this one. The Jaguars are even better this year on defense, which will slow Tom Brady and gang, while the Jaguars will make enough plays on offense to win it,” he said.
David Steele of the Sporting News shares the same opinion as Prisco. “Their AFC title game meeting in Foxborough last season is not officially known as the Woulda-Shoulda Game in Jacksonville, but it ought to be. Everyone in EverBank Field will be thinking about Blake Bortles, the play calling, Myles Jack not being down and how glad they are not to see Danny Amendola this time. The rest of the country, meanwhile, will marvel at the notion that the marquee, must-see game of the weekend is being played in Jacksonville, Fla.”

His colleague, Vinnie Iyer, believes that the Patriots will win over the Jaguars with 23-20.

CBS Boston’s Michael Hurley predicted that the Jags would win because their defense is too good. According to him, it will be a long, hot afternoon for the Pats’ offense.

Mike Florio and Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk go with the Patriots.

What about you?

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