Patriots 7th Round Pick Keion Crossen Reacts To Making The Patriots’ 53-Man Roster

Keion Crossen managed to make the 53-man roster of the New England Patriots. Saturday was a big day for him and the other players who had no idea of the final outcome.

The New England Patriots did some serious trimming, and released some of their top players in order to get down to 53 players. Keion Crossen is safe for now, but he will never forget his Saturday and the constant refreshing of his phone. “All day. Every second hitting refresh, refresh the Twitter page or whatever you got to do,” he said.

It was 4 p.m. and the phone didn’t ring, which is usually a good sign when it comes to making a roster. “I enjoyed it at 4:01 and I’m ready right now. I was focused at 4:02 to get started for Houston week,” Crossen said.

“As the business goes, you gotta move on, you gotta prepare, you can’t let your mind stay in yesterday. Moving forward for me is a big deal, especially for me coming in Week 1 as a rookie, I want to make sure I know as much as I need to know going into Game 1. (Saturday night) I was just more focused on getting to know my opponent. That’s the reason I couldn’t sleep, because I wanted to know my opponent as much as I could before I get with the coaches and everything,” he said.

Deshaun Watson is the opponent for Week 1, and that’s something every veteran cares about.

It’s interesting to note that Crossen didn’t inform his parents about his success until Sunday morning. It’s even more interesting that his parents knew nothing about it until he told them.

So, we can only wish Crossen a good luck. He and his teammates are at the beginning of a rough season full of thrills.

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