Tom Brady Posts Emotional Instagram to Showcase His Trust in WR Phillip Dorsett

Tom Brady is the ultimate quarterback of all times, and earning his trust is a hard task, especially if you have to play on the same team with him. Some say that Brady is really hard to work with, but he’s just trying to make players play the game without any silly mistakes. Phillip Dorsett sure earned his trust.

Many wide receivers weren’t as successful as Phillip Dorsett when it comes to matching Brady’s criteria. Brady was raging about all the players who missed a ball or were too confused to follow him. Yes, most of them were released due to the inability to work on the same line with Brady.

But, Phillip Dorsett isn’t one of them. He’s one of the very few players who got the privilege to enter Brady’s circle of trust. The fourth-year wide receiver was praised in Brady’s latest Instagram post, and we don’t really see Brady post about other players.

It’s not the critic who counts,” the caption read. It’s definitely associated with Dorsett’s past as a bust on the Indianapolis Colts.

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It’s not the critic who counts…

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Brady was amazed with Dorsett’s game last Sunday. He saw his outstanding play against the Houston Texans, and it was enough for him to start trusting the wide receiver. The Texans had a stout defense, and Dorsett managed to go off for 66 yards and a touchdown. He also caught all seven targets thrown to him. That’s impressive.

Dorsett’s excellent game earned the quarterback’s confidence, and also made him a top fantasy football waiver wire pickup entering Week 2.

The wide receiver probably did a good job to leave the Colts, and the Patriots sure offer him an opportunity to express himself. Everything points to the fact that Dorsett needed this type of game, and let’s be honest, the Patriots needed him, too.

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