Tom Brady Releases Statement About Patriots Performance In Week 1

The New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady decided to put an end to his TB Times.

The New England’s 27-20 win over the Houston Texans was followed by several rumblings from the Foxboro Faithful, as they were scouring about the quarterback’s social media channels in order to see the latest edition of the fake newspaper dubbed the TB Times. But, it turns out that there wasn’t any on Sunday. Let’s not forget that the Patriots won.

Sports Illustrated’s Charlotte Wilder was one of the many checking for the latest installment of the TB Times. A source close to the TB Times cartoonist signed “D.K.” sent a message confirming the news.

“And then I got a message from a source close to the artist. He sent me a screenshot of texts with D.K. where he asks D.K. about the TB Times, and D.K. says “lol. Not happening this year,” Wilder wrote.

Brady first introduced the TB Times in 2015, and after every win of the team, he posted the front page of the mock newspaper.

“I thought that was kind of a great way to commemorate some wins. Some of the funnier ones came when we lost, and we didn’t get a chance to put ’em out, but maybe someday I’ll show you some of those ones that we were going to put up but we ended up losing the game. But it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve got a couple guys I work with that work really hard and obviously I’m not the one doing the drawing, but they work really hard, run ideas by me, and I let them go with it,” the quarterback told Wilder at Super Bowl LII.

Will Brady change his mind? It would be more than exciting to see something new from the quarterback, and we can only imagine the brilliance of his new project.

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