Watch: LeBron James Stars In NBA 2K19 ‘Come For The Crown’ Trailer

Fans can’t wait for the media day and training camp, and this weekend they’ll get the chance to soothe their cravings. NBA 2K19 releases Friday in the 20th anniversary edition. King James is the cover athlete for the game.

The standard version of 2K19 will hit shelves on Tuesday. It has Milwaukee Bucks All-Star Giannis Antetokoumpo on the cover. LeBron graces the special release, and was given this honor due to his ultimate role in the world of basketball.

Creators only used a headshot of King James, and this saved them time and money. LeBron signed with the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency, and saved creators some money. Remember how they had to design a new cover after Kyrie Irving was sent to the Boston Celtics last summer? That didn’t happen this year.

LeBron had the privilege to design the cover himself. The phrases and descriptors of this photograph were also included at his direction.

The king of basketball was featured on many NBA 2K19 marketing fronts and ventures. LeBron also had an interview with artist Travis Scott. The artist made the game’s entire soundtrack.

LeBron is the lead star in the latest trailer title, “Come for the Crown.” In the video, LeBron wears the Lakers uniform, and we could actually make a guess after he provided the teaser looks on social media.

When it comes to gameplay, LeBron has the highest overall rating in the game at 98. He was really happy with this. Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma weren’t quite as presented on their respective ratings.

Are you thrilled with the release of the game? Will it has the same success as other games? Let’s wait and find out. It will be a great honor for LeBron. He is definitely proud of himself, and so are his fans.

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