Watch: LeBron James Surprises Students at New York High School With Amazing Gift

LeBron James never forgets his most loyal fans and those who need his support. This time the king decided to surprise the students at a New York high school.

The New York high school was the place to be on Tuesday morning, and the students went crazy after spotting LeBron in the hallway.

King James visited the New York City’s Christ the King High School in order to provide the students with a new locker room and gear. Is there anything better than having the king of basketball make your sports dreams come true?

LeBron gave a hint on his surprise, posting a pic with the Christ the King colorway shoes and jersey on his Instagram account. Then, he showed up in the gym, and shocked the students.

Coach Joe Arbitello tweeted about the new locker room and the gear students received.

LeBron is a strong supporter of Christ the King, as it’s one of the few Team LeBron schools in the States.

In the past decade, the boys varsity team won six Brooklyn/Queens Championships, five City Championships and five New York Catholic State Championships. Both Lamar Odom and Sue Bird attended the school.

Nike also released the LeBron 3 “Christ The King” Tuesday. It sold out in a minute, as expected.

LeBron always has free time for those who need his help. He opened a public school in his hometown Akron, Ohio and gave the kids bikes. The king of basketball promised to do a lot more, and he’s definitely on a new project now.

Los Angeles opened the doors for him, and nothing can stop him now. Being a king means that you take care of others, and that’s exactly what’s on LeBron’s mind. Keep up the good job, King James, those kids need your support!

If only other athletes were this caring.

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