Watch: Savannah Secretly Films LeBron Dancing

LeBron James is one of the greatest players in the entire NBA history and also the most confident man on Earth. Yes, he was that confident when his wife Savannah secretly filmed him dancing.

The king of basketball was just jamming in his home, and he was definitely dancing like nobody’s watching. Savannah spotted him, and decided to make a nice video of her husband’s ‘dancing skills.’ She caught him right there in the act, and documented every bit of the silliness.

You could see that LeBron had no idea that Savannah was somewhere around with her camera. Was this a set up? Of course not. LeBron didn’t know anything about this as he cut a rug and busted a move in a rather awkward way. No, he didn’t even see her.

So, James got down, and he was pretty serious about it. King James couldn’t care less that his wife is embarrassing him on social media. Broadcasting LeBron’s moves may be Savannah’s next duty. Maybe she will get interested in making a reality show. But, I don’t think so. The James family doesn’t really post too much on social media about their family life.

LeBron and Savannah have been together since forever. Savannah is his high school sweetheart, and LeBron knew that he would marry her. They’ve been together since their first date, and are madly in love. Bronny, Bryce Maximus and Zhuri Nova are happy to have such good parents who always do their best to raise them well.

Are you looking forward to LeBron’s new dance? We’ll wait for Savannah to film him, and post it on her Instagram. That’s the most positive thing we saw on the Internet these days. The king of basketball dancing? It already seems hilarious. Maybe LeBron should have some dancing glasses and soften his dance moves.

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