Watch: The Interview With 16-Year-Old LeBron James Will Take Your Breath

LeBron James is the ultimate basketball player, and he was great since the very first moment he was a kid. The 16-year-old LeBron was amazing, and the world knew that he would become a huge star.

The 16-year-old LeBron had a nice start of his professional basketball career. His resume is out of this world, and the best it yet to come. King James has skills and talent, and those are the two things that brought him this high.

LeBron wasn’t born with the All-Star title. Many years ago, he was a student who was noticed for his insane skills on the basketball court. At the age of 16, LeBron was a student at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. That’s when he had his first interview.

The reporters first asked LeBron of his long-term goals as a young talent. The king of basketball didn’t hesitate before giving his response. “To get to the NBA,” he said.

The following question was focused on him avoiding complacency when he was the No. 1 sophomore in the country.

“Every day you’ve got to go out there and work because there’s someone out there working too – and if you stop, I think they can pass you up. So every day my coaches push me, I push myself and my teammates push me,” King James said.

My mother brought me up real good and it’s pretty easy because of the way I was brought up and she taught me so much things besides basketball and I just hope that helps me be level-headed,” he added.

LeBron was still unaware that he would be drafted by the NBA a couple of years later. And here he is today, one of the greatest basketball players of all times. LeBron joined the Lakers earlier this summer, and he’s ready to play in his new uniform.

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