Chris Haynes Reveals What Surprised Him The Most About LeBron James

LeBron James had his first two games with the Los Angeles Lakers, and set up quite a show. He’s been playing in the NBA for fifteen years, and knows how to play the ball. His Lakers teammates were thrilled to play on the same basketball court with him, and there’s something really great about LeBron. Even other Lakers talk about it.

King James has always been surrounded by quality teammates. He played with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love played with him in Cleveland. But, there’s something really special about his game with the Lakers. Let’s see what Chris Haynes has say about this.

Brandon Ingram will set up a completely different story this season. Chris Haynes and Skip Bayless talked how LeBron can’t stop raving about the 21-year-old forward. They even said that Ingram may be what Scottie Pippen was to Michael Jordan in the 90’s.

“I had a conversation with LeBron briefly after last night’s game, and you know what kid he talked about mostly — and he raved about this kid? He said Brandon Ingram has the juice. I said, ‘Yeah, he can be your Pippen.’ He said that guy is going to be special.”

The Los Angeles Lakers lost the preseason opener to the Denver Nuggets, but they showed off a showtime-style of play. LeBron was amazed by Ingram’s play in that contest. JaVale McGee is leading the Lakers in scoring. He averaged 16.0 points per game. Yes, he’s the guy that averaged four points per game last season.

The Lakers are getting better with every game that goes by, and their first two games were amazing. The team is going to excel, and everybody knows that. The arrival of LeBron changed everything, and the team will finally get a chance to become a contender.

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